The TCimpact fund not only assists employees in times of great need, but also helps family members of our employees. When you donate to TCimpact, you are helping your fellow employees and their family members in times of need with one-time financial assistance.

Rick Yontz, a Regional Operations Manager who worked with the Company for seven and a half years, passed away suddenly in July at the age of 53. Rick’s sudden passing sent ripples through the entire Company.

Rick’s wife Susan Yontz was left in a state of financial uncertainty. Susan was unable to access funds to pay most short term bills, including Rick’s funeral expenses. Regional Human Resources Manager Charmaine Ramstein informed Susan of the TCimpact program. As the spouse of a TCi employee, Susan was able to apply to receive one-time financial aid.

“I’m just so grateful. Thank you to everyone who donated, it saved my family,” Susan said.  “Even if we had money for services, we wouldn’t have had money for groceries or the electric bill. They really impacted our life and gave Rick a beautiful service,” she said.

The TCimpact fund is able to assist our employees and their family members when they require financial aid to meet basic needs. Your donations are instrumental in helping your coworkers, and their loved ones, recover from tragedy.

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