oliverfreeman1This past August, catastrophic flooding destroyed thousands of homes and businesses in the state of Louisiana. An estimated 146,000 homes were damaged during flooding, forcing thousands of Louisianans into temporary shelters. This flooding is characterized as the worst U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

TCi employees Kenneth King, Alvin Glasper, and Oliver Freeman were forced to leave their homes and belongings behind as they fled with family in search of safer ground.

Kenneth King, a Service Technician located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, lived in a first floor apartment with his fiancé and two stepsons.

“All of the first floor apartments flooded, including ours,” explains King. “The worst issue was that it was not just river water, but also sewage. It ruined all of our mattresses, most of the furniture, clothes, towels, and blankets. I missed work fighting an infection from the contaminated water and mold.”

oliverfreeman3Alvin Glasper, a Driver 2 in Baton Rouge, did not live in a designated flood zone and, like many of his neighbors, did not have flood insurance.

“When we returned home, we had to tear out walls and carpet to get our home back to a livable condition,” said Glasper. “I didn’t have much help financially and insurance did not cover flood damage so, when my manager told me about the TCimpact grant, I was so grateful. We were able to start the repairs on our home and get back on our feet.”

Like King and Glasper, Oliver Freeman, a Tire Tech III in Baton Rouge, also discovered he and his family had lost everything. He reached out to the TCimpact Fund for one-time financial aid.

aglasper1“The TCimpact grant has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family,” Oliver shared. “It helped us get food, clothes, and temporary housing when we needed it most. I am so appreciative of everything TCi and its employees have done for my family. Thank you!”

Funded by employee donations and TCi contributions, the TCimpact Fund provides short-term financial assistance to employees and their families to help them recover and transition from catastrophic events, affecting their ability to cover basic living expenses.

Your donations are instrumental in helping coworkers, and their loved ones, recover from tragedy. To be part of this valuable program, click on Make a Donation on tcimpact.tirecenters.com.

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