The TCimpact fund made its first grant to an employee in need this May. David “Paul” West suffered the complete loss of his home from a fire where he lived withhis wife Angie, and her mother. The TCimpact fund was able to help Paul and his family in this time of tragedy because of contributions to the fund from our Company and our employees.

Paul started working with TCi as a Tire Technician in May of 2015. When the fire started Paul was at work and his wife and her mother had left the house for a doctor’s appointment briefly before. Paul and Angie rushed back to the house to see “flames coming out of the back and the front, and coming off of the roof. Everything was gone, smoked and burnt up,” he said.


Photo of the inside of Paul West’s Alabama home after the fire.

While Paul was recovering from this loss Paul’s manager Stacy Long was kindly accommodating.

“He let me take three days off. He called and checked on me every day to see how we were doing,” Paul said.

Paul emphasized how appreciative he and his wife were of the grant.

“It feels good to know that you are not alone. There aren’t too many jobs that would do what TCi did for me and my family. I would donate because they helped me when I needed it,” he said.

Paul and his family used the “much needed” grant to buy clothes and other necessities. They are currently staying in a hotel until the construction on their house can be completed.

Contributions to the TCimpact fund help employees and their families to recover from events outside of their control with one-time financial assistance. This aid not only provides for families like Paul’s beginning in their processes of recovery, but also provides TCi employees with the opportunity to help co-workers when disaster strikes one of our own. In Paul’s words, “TCimpact helps out when you need it.”

To be a part of this valuable program for your fellow employees, go to the TCimpact link on the intranet’s drop down menu under employee services or find the site linked here.

Photo taken from the outside of Paul West's home before reconstruction began.

Photo taken from the outside of Paul West’s home before reconstruction began.