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All TCi employees are eligible to apply for financial assistance through the TCimpact Fund. Aid applies for those unable to afford basic needs due to a qualifying event or disaster, including a natural disaster, fire, death of employee or immediate family member, uninhabitable housing, or unanticipated sale or foreclosure of leased property. Employees are eligible to apply from their first day of employment; however, the qualifying event must have occurred while employed by TCi.

Eligible employees may apply and receive financial assistance in the form of monetary grants* to assist in times of a disaster and qualified hardship. Grant requests will be received, reviewed and approved based on eligibility criteria set by the Fund’s Steering Committee. The maximum grant per incident is $2,500.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please complete the application form below. The application requires two sponsor signatures and additional documentation. Be sure to read all instructions at the conclusion of the form to ensure you secure sponsor signatures and provide supporting documentation. A sponsor signature is necessary to ensure an employee’s circumstance qualifies for a grant. A sponsor may be your manager, HR manager, Regional Director or a VP. Employees can email completed applications with supporting documentation to

* If any portion of the grant is considered taxable income to the employee under IRS rules, TCi will increase the grant to cover the estimated taxes on the employee’s behalf.

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