Employees Helping Employees in Times of Need

The TCimpact Fund

Established to aid TCi employees during times of tragedy, the TCimpact Fund provides short-term financial assistance to help employees and their families recover and transition from events that are outside of their control, affecting their ability to pay for basic living expenses. Grants are available up to $2,500 per incident.

Funded by employee donations and TCi contributions, the fund offers one-time financial aid to any eligible employee and his/her family impacted by a catastrophic event such as a fire, flood, death or natural disaster.

Eligibility + Criteria

All TCi employees are eligible for financial assistance through the TCimpact Fund. Aid applies for those unable to afford basic needs due to a qualifying event or disaster. Employees are eligible from their first day of employment; however, the qualifying event must have occurred while employed by TCi.

Eligible employees may apply and, if approved, may receive financial assistance in the form of monetary grants* to assist in times of a disaster and qualified hardship. Grant requests will be received, reviewed and approved based on eligibility criteria set by the Fund’s Steering Committee. The maximum grant per incident is $2,500.

In order for an employee to qualify for a grant, the employee’s inability to afford basic living expenses must be directly caused by a qualifying circumstance as described below:

  • Natural disaster
  • Fire
  • Death of employee, employee’s spouse, or minor child living in the home (see application for further detail)
  • Uninhabitable/condemned housing
  • Unanticipated sale or foreclosure of leased property

Application Process

Employees can apply by completing the application form found on the TCimpact website under Apply for a Grant. You can complete the initial form online and print for required signatures or print and complete a copy by hand. Portions of the form must be printed and completed by hand. The application requires two sponsor signatures. A sponsor may be your manager, HR manager, Director, or a VP. Employees must also provide supporting documentation with the application to show financial need.


The TCimpact Fund will rely on donations from TCi employees to supplement contributions made by the company. Employees will have the opportunity to donate in one of two ways: recurring or one-time donation through payroll deduction. Employees can change their contributions anytime. Contributions can also be made via personal check or money order (See Make A Donation Page).

* If any portion of the grant is considered taxable income to the employee under IRS rules, TCi will increase the grant to cover the estimated taxes on the employee’s behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the TCimpact Fund established?

The TCimpact Fund was established in response to employee feedback and interest in being engaged in charities and giving back to the community. TCi also recognized the need to unite employees around a common mission and allow them to help fellow employees in times of need.

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

All employees are eligible to apply as long as the natural disaster or hardship occurred during their employment with TCi and on or after May 1, 2016.

What is considered a natural disaster or sudden hardship?

  • Natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, etc.) or fire that damages your primary residence
  • Uninhabitable/condemned housing
  • Forced relocation due to landlord’s unanticipated sale or foreclosure of leased property
  • Death of employee, employee’s spouse, or minor children living in the home (see application for further detail)

What is the grant process?

Employees should work with their manager to complete the following grant application process:

  1. Determine the employee’s eligibility for grant assistance by completing the quick Eligibility Test available on the TCimpact Fund website attcimpact.tirecenters.com through the Apply for a Grant page.
  2. If eligible, complete the online application and corresponding pages about associate’s circumstance. Be sure to read all details at the end of the application as additional documentation will be required.
  3. Submit the form and print any required paperwork, verifying that all information is true and correct and as authorization for the Fund to verify all information and/or to obtain additional information
  4. Obtain two sponsor signatures. Sponsors include your manager, regional HR manager, Regional Director or a VP.
  5. Gather all necessary supporting documents, and email the completed application and related documents to tcimpact@tirecenters.com.
  6. Decisions are usually made within one week (excluding weekends and holidays), after the Fund has received a completed application containing all necessary information and supporting documents.
  7. If an application is approved, a check made payable to either the associate or another party (mortgage or utility company, etc.) is sent via overnight mail to the manager for disbursement.

How do I apply?

Employees can apply online via the TCimpact Fund website at tcimpact.tirecenters.com. If an employee does not have access to the internet, he/she should speak to his/her manager regarding temporary internet access.

Who makes the decisions on the grant applications?

A selection committee comprised of employees representing the Commercial & Distribution Divisions and the FSC will review and make decisions on all applications submitted.

Am I responsible for taxes on this grant?

You will receive a check for the amount of the grant approved. If any portion of the grant is considered taxable income to the employee under IRS rules, TCi will increase the grant to cover the estimated taxes on the employee’s behalf.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

No. The TCimpact Fund is not currently qualified as a 501c(3), thus your donation is not tax-deductible.

Do I need to pay the money back?

No, this is not a loan or replacement for insurance or savings. The money received is a grant from the TCimpact Fund.

How is the grant funded?

The grant is funded through contributions made by TCi employees and TCi corporate donations.

This is a great fund, can I contribute?

Yes, you can! You can complete the Make a Donation form on the TCimpact Fund website requesting that your donation be paid through payroll deduction, or you can write a personal check payable to: The TCimpact Fund. Checks should be mailed to:
TCimpact Fund
Attn: TCimpact Fund Program Manager
310 Inglesby Parkway
Duncan, SC 29334

Who can I contact with any questions?

We invite you to visit the TCimpact Fund website or email us at tcimpact@tirecenters.com with questions, suggestions or ideas.