Helping Employees in Times of Need

TCi Employees Helped After Louisiana Floods

This past August, catastrophic flooding destroyed thousands of homes and businesses in the state of Louisiana. TCi employees Kenneth King, Alvin Glasper, and Oliver Freeman were forced to leave their homes and belongings behind as they fled with family in search of safer ground. The TCimpact Fund has helped them start to restore what’s been lost.

TCimpact Helps Spouse in Time of Need

Rick Yontz, a Regional Operations Manager who worked with the Company for seven and a half years, passed away suddenly in July. His passing sent ripples through the entire Company and left his family in a state of financial uncertainty. As the spouse of a TCi employee, Rick’s wife Susan was able to apply to receive one-time financial aid through the TCimpact fund.

Employee Relief Fund Helps After Fire

David “Paul” West suffered the complete loss of his home from a fire where he lived with his wife Angie, and her mother. The TCimpact fund helped Paul and his family meet basic needs while they work to get back on their feet.

The TCimpact Fund provides short-term financial assistance to TCi employees who are not able to afford basic needs, including housing, utilities, food or clothing, due to a natural disaster or unforeseen family hardship. The goal of the fund is to help employees and their families recover and transition from events outside their control. The TCimpact Fund is made possible through employee contributions and TCi corporate donations. It is not a replacement for insurance or savings, but rather is intended to provide some relief in a time of hardship up to $2,500. In short, the TCimpact Fund allows us to unite and give hope to employees in the midst of tragedy.

Let’s Unite and Give Hope